How to use the API

You can query the API to get a list of notices by calling this page:

Optionally you can also specify parameters in the request:

  • dateFrom
    The month and year for the range (in the format 'mm-yyyy'), that the notice was published. Default is the current month.
  • noticeType
    The notice type. See notice type below. Default is notice type 2 (contract notice).
  • outputType
    The output type of the notices returned. Use 0 for OCDS output or 1 for TED/custom output. Default is 0.


  • If no values are given, default values will be used.
Example queries

Example 1: Fetch list of Contract Notices for the month of April, 2019 and return in OCDS format.

Example 2: Fetch list of Contract Award Notices for the current month. Return in TED/custom format.

You can query the API to get a family of notices by calling this page:

The request requires one parameter:

  • id - The OCID of the notice you want to retrieve.
Example queries

Example 1: Fetch notice family for a notice with an OCID of 'ocds-r6ebe6-0000517932'

Below is a list of valid notice types which may be used when querying a notice list.

noticeType Title
1 OJEU - F1 - Prior Information Notice
2 OJEU - F2 - Contract Notice
3 OJEU - F3 - Contract Award Notice
4 OJEU - F4 - Prior Information Notice (Utilities)
5 OJEU - F5 - Contract Notice (Utilities)
6 OJEU - F6 - Contract Award Notice (Utilities)
7 OJEU - F7 - Qualification Systems (Utilities)
12 OJEU - F12 - Public design contest
13 OJEU - F13 - Results of Design Contest
14 OJEU - F14 - Corrigendum
15 OJEU - F15 - Voluntary Ex Ante Transparency Notice
20 OJEU - F20 - Modification Notice
21 OJEU - F21 - Social And other Specific Services (Public Contracts)
22 OJEU - F22 - Social and other specific services (Utilities)
23 OJEU - F23 - Social and other specific services (Concessions)
24 OJEU - F24 - Concession Notice
25 OJEU - F25 - Concession Award Notice
101 Site Notice - Website Prior Information Notice
102 Site Notice - Website Contract Notice
103 Site Notice - Website Contract Award Notice
104 Site Notice - Quick Quote Award